Brian Tycangco’s “Energy Breakthrough” Stock Revealed

Brian Tycangco of Stansberry Research recently released a presentation about what he’s calling America’s new “energy breakthrough.”

In it, he claims that a “little black box” made by one “tiny American company” with over 200 patents could make you 600% gains or more.

Is it legit? Or just hype?

Well, I decided to look into Brian’s claims to find out.

And in this article, I’ll show you what company I think he’s teasing and give you the rundown on the advisory he’s pitching, Visionary Investor, to help you decide if it’s worthwhile.

What Is Brian Tycangco’s “America’s Energy Breakthrough” Prediction About?

The presentation we’ll be discussing in this article is located on the Stansberry Research website and claims that the “world’s smartest billionaires” are “dumping fossil fuels” and pouring billions into “America’s New Energy.”

Brian Tycangco during a presentation on the Stansberry Research website about America's New Energy.

Brian Tycangco begins the presentation by talking about the devastating impact of the Texas snowstorm that buckled the state’s energy infrastructure. And how this never needs to happen again thanks to an American technology that’s been developed in a “secret high-tech lab.”

This reminded me of a presentation I wrote about less than a week ago by Ray Blanco. He was talking about the same Texas storm and said Tesla is working on a “secret BESS project” as a result, which could mark the beginning of a battery storage revolution.

There are some similarities between Brian and Ray’s presentations. However, the “solution” Brian Tycangco offers to America’s “energy crisis” appears to be different.

Specifically, Brian states the answer to the energy crisis lies in a “little black box,” and he shows the following image of it in the presentation:

The Little Black Box shown in Brian Tycangco's America's Energy Breakthrough presentation.

What is it?

Brian refers to this “black box” as “America’s Energy Breakthrough.”

I call that black box “America’s Energy Breakthrough…” and it holds almost two-and-half times more energy than Tesla’s battery design.

And as the presentation continues, it becomes clear that when he talks about “America’s Energy Breakthrough,” he’s referring to an energy storage device (AKA battery).

More specifically, a battery made by a “tiny American company” that he says can “store 2x as much energy” as the “groundbreaking” storage tech Elon Musk debuted in 2020.

According to Brian Tycangco, this battery can go over 1,000 charges without seeing a 50% drop in performance, unlike Tesla’s battery. And he says it’s safer and more durable than lithium-ion.

It doesn’t explode when you puncture it, making it eons safer than the most widely used energy storage in the world today: the lithium-ion battery.

What type of battery is Brian referring to?

He doesn’t mention the type of battery he’s referring to by name. However, based on my research, I believe he’s talking about a kind of solid-state battery.

And there are a few reasons I say this.

First, it fits the description of what he talks about in the presentation.

In short, solid-state batteries have a higher energy density, can charge in less time, and are potentially safer than lithium-ion since they don’t require flammable liquid to work. So it fits with what Brian talks about in the presentation.

Second, solid-state batteries seem to be a popular “better than Tesla” pitch among gurus in the financial education space lately.

For example, I wrote an article about Luke Lango’s “Battery Breakthrough” stock presentation back in August. In it, Luke talked about how much better solid-state batteries are compared to lithium-ion batteries (the ones Tesla uses) and made similar points to Brian.

However, it’s worth mentioning that Brian’s thesis revolves around how this battery could be used as a large-scale energy storage device. One that could potentially help power the grid.

Because the company I’ve discovered… has found the crucial piece we desperately need to stabilize our incredibly finicky power grid.

In any case, the third reason I think Brian’s talking about solid-state batteries is that this is the type of battery the company (I believe) he’s teasing makes.

What “Tiny Company” Is Brian Tycangco Teasing?

As with most presentations in this space, the company’s details being touted are revealed in a “special report” that you can only get by joining a paid stock advisory.

But I did some digging into the clues Brian provides, and I believe the company he’s teasing could be QuantumScape Corporation (NYSE: QS).

To explain how I arrived at this conclusion, let’s look at some of the main clues Brian leaves in the presentation, followed by a breakdown of how Quantumscape matches.

Here’s a summary of the clues Brian Tycangco provides:

“And it’s all thanks to one small American company… that trades for far less than $25 a share today.”

“But there’s a victory to be had in this space… and it belongs to a company 1/80th the size of Tesla… which developed likely the best energy storage in the world to date.”

“They hold 200 patents for likely one of the most advanced energy storage systems on the planet.”

“Their CEO is poaching the absolute best minds from the biggest energy storage companies on the planet.”

“That includes a Panasonic executive… and a veteran from Tesla who’s now leading its manufacturing division.”

“The biggest names in investing have already taken early stakes… including Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates, Richard Branson, Michael Bloomberg, and Alibaba founder Jack Ma.”

“And this company isn’t running out of runway any time soon. They have funding from a monster $170 billion world-dominating car brand…”

“It’s no surprise that legendary investor George Soros recognized the power behind this world-changing company.”

“He’s purchased over 1.6 million shares to date. Now that speaks for itself.”

“I can almost guarantee you’ve never heard of this company… that’s 1/80th the size of Tesla.”

The main clue that gave it away as Quantumscape to me was how Brian was talking about how indestructible the battery is that the company makes. This tipped me off that he was referring to solid-state battery technology, and that, in turn, led me to Quantumscape.

From there, I checked the statements Brian made in the teaser, and they virtually all match.

For example:

  • The company’s share price is currently trading at just over $23 and its market cap is about 1/80th that of Tesla as of writing.
  • Quantumscape is a California-based company that describes itself as a “leader in the development of next generation solid-state lithium-metal batteries for use in electric vehicles.” And say their mission is to “revolutionize energy storage to enable a sustainable future.”
  • As this article on Motley Fool points out, Quantumscape holds “more than 200 patents and patent applications relating to its battery technology.”
  • One of the company’s board members is JB Straubel, co-founder of Tesla. I’d say that classifies as a “veteran of Tesla” as Brian states in the pitch.
  • I haven’t checked every name he mentions, but based on my research, numerous billionaires including Bill Gates, George Soros, and Jeff Bezos have invested in Quantumscape. And Volkswagen is also listed as an investor on the company website.

So, Quantumscape is my best guess as to Brian’s “American Energy Breakthrough” stock. It fits like a glove, so even though I’m not 100% certain, I’m willing to bet this is the one.

Is it a good investment?

According to Brian Tycangco, the company he’s teasing “could easily show you 600% gains.”

But there’s no guarantee the stock he’s recommending, whatever it is, will help you see such significant returns. Maybe it will, but there’s no guarantee.

So it’s essential to do your own due diligence.

And one way you could do that is by signing up for Brian Tycangco’s Visionary Investor service through the presentation on the Stansberry Research website. Because in doing so, you get access to a special report Brian created called “America’s 600% Energy Breakthrough.”

This report gives you the details on the company he’s bullish on and why. So it could be worth checking out if you want to get more insight from Brian himself.

However, if you agree with my guess of Quantumscape and want a different perspective, you could Google around to see what others are saying.

For example, I found the Motley Fool article I linked to earlier helpful. And another article I found on Forbes shares a more conservative outlook on the future growth of Quantumscape.

And there are many other great articles out there. So it’s a case of taking the time to do your research and decide what you think is best for you.

What’s happening on January 1st, 2022?

During the presentation, Brian talks about a “major announcement” that’s “expected to hit as soon as January 1, 2022. He says this is when “reports of this company’s first large-scale prototype could hit headlines” and therefore suggests it’s crucial to act now to avoid missing out.

Of course, some of that is probably just marketing hype to get people to join his stock advisory service. So it might pay to take this with a pinch of salt.

That said, is there any truth to it?

It’s unclear precisely what “major announcement” Brian refers to in the presentation or if it will have any significant impact on the company he’s recommending.

However, according to, Quantumscape says it’s aiming to make some “commercially relevant prototype samples” available by 2022.

In May, QuantumScape reported successfully making full-sized four-layer cells. It said it’s on track to meet its 8-10 layer cell milestone by year end, and to make “commercially relevant prototype samples” by 2022.

So, assuming this is the company he’s teasing, and they make this announcement about prototype samples, I guess it could be a positive.

In any case, that’s just one company.

As mentioned, Brian runs a stock advisory service called Visionary Investor, where he recommends many different companies. And according to Brian, over the years, he’s “recommended more than 100 triple-digit opportunities” to his readers.

In the next section, I’ll give you the heads up on what it’s all about to help you decide if it’s worth joining.

Is Brian Tycangco’s “Visionary Investor” Worth It?

Visionary Investor is a tech-focused stock advisory run by Brian Tycangco of Stansberry Research. Brian has been an investing expert for decades, but Visionary Investor is a relatively new service. Before that, he contributed to a newsletter called True Wealth Opportunities: China.

And before that, he was a professional trader and financial analyst for BNP Paribas, an international banking group, and ran his own newsletter called Asian Growth Stocks.

What sort of tech stocks does Brian recommend?

As I explain in my review of Visionary Investor, Brian specializes in uncovering emerging technology trends. And some of the main trends he’s currently tracking have to do with augmented reality and electric vehicles.

It’s not just about technology, though. Even though tech is the main focus, Brian also tracks social and economic trends. Basically, any major trend he sees taking shape.

And as a subscriber of Visionary Investor, you get all of Brian’s latest research and stock picks around these trends every month through the monthly newsletters.

You also get access to tools and resources to help you follow his recommendations (like the model portfolio and updates), as well as some bonus reports.

It depends on where you sign up as to which reports you receive. However, as of writing, Brian’s offering the following four reports as part of the “America’s New Energy” presentations:

  • America’s 600% Energy Breakthrough
  • How to Play Biden’s EV Infrastructure Plan… and 300% Potential Gains
  • China’s #1 Affordable EV Car Manufacturer
  • The Tesla Killer: Your Chance at 10x Gains

How much does it cost?

It usually costs $199 per year to join Visionary Investor, but Brian says that if you join through the presentation, you can sign up for $49. And according to the Stansberry Research website, the service comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Bottom Line – Is Visionary Investor Worth It?

Brian Tycangco’s “America’s Breakthrough Energy” prediction is all about a “tiny American company” that he says has “cracked the holy grail of energy storage.”

And he claims it could potentially make investors 600% returns.

As mentioned earlier, I believe that the company he’s teasing is Quantumscape. But to find out for sure, you’d need to read his report (America’s 600% Energy Breakthrough), which you can only get your hands on by joining Visionary Investor.

Is it worth joining?

I wouldn’t join Visionary Investor expecting to get rich overnight or assuming that 600% gains are a done deal. Because, regardless of the stock he’s referring to, there are no guarantees it will make you such a great return.

In fact, there’s no guarantee Visionary Investor will make you any money at all. As with any stock advisory service, it’s possible you could even lose money.

That said, I do believe Visionary Investor is a legitimate service. And Brian Tycangco appears to be a real investment expert. And based on what he states in the presentation, he’s recommended “more than 100 triple-digit opportunities” and “eight different gains of at least 1,000%.”

Not many gurus out there can boast such impressive gains.

However, assuming that’s true, this doesn’t give you a realistic idea of how well Brian’s average recommendations have performed. As in how well each recommendation, including the winning and losing trades, have performed on average. And I am unsure what that is.

Either way, at the very least, you could learn a lot from Brian as a subscriber of Visionary Investor, especially as it relates to tech investing. So the service could be worth checking out.

And Stansberry Research is a legitimate company, so if you request a refund during your first 30 days, chances are they’ll honor it, which reduces the risk of giving it a try.

Whatever you decide, I appreciate you reading and hope you found this article helpful.

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