Behind The Markets Review (Legit Dylan Jovine Service?)

Hello and thanks for checking out my review of Behind The Markets.

I first discovered this service through a presentation by Dylan Jovine about a small biotech company that he said could be a good investment.

To get access to his stock pick, however, I was asked to join Behind The Markets. But I wanted to be sure it was legit, so I decided to take a closer look into it before joining.

And in this review, I’ll show you exactly what I found.

Behind The Markets Review

Behind The Markets is an investment advisory service headed by Dylan Jovine, former money manager and founder of Wall Street private equity firm Lexington Capital Partners.

The core focus of the service is to provide subscribers with insights and recommendations on mid-cap companies that are trading at a significant discount.

The definition of a mid-cap company, according to Investopedia, is a company with a market capitalization of between $2 billion to $10 billion. Dylan stretches this out a little though, he looks for companies with a market cap of between $1 billion to $10 billion.

In any case, the core strategy behind the service is to identify high value businesses who’s stocks are potentially underpriced, for one reason or another, and invest in these companies for long term gains. Which is similar to what Warren Buffet does as a value investor.

The difference with Dylan’s approach, however, is that it caters more to smaller investors. And the reason for this has to do with the market cap of the companies he recommends.

In short, it’s difficult for large institutions to get in and out of smaller stocks without moving the share price and potentially ruining the trade. Whereas smaller investors don’t have that problem, since they aren’t working with billions of dollars.

So Dylan’s strategy is more akin to Buffet’s “cigar butt” approach, which he used to become wealthy when he was just starting out.

How does Dylan find these opportunities?

According to the Behind The Markets website, Dylan and his team of analysts strive to uncover the true value of the business itself, and compare that to its current stock price, to find the most potentially undervalued stocks. They also look for companies that have high returns-on-equity, low debt and a lasting competitive advantage.

And they pay particular attention to companies that are suffering some sort of temporary setback, since this can be a good time to buy if the stock price is lower than usual.

It’s not just about stock picks though.

The company’s LinkedIn profile states that “Behind the Markets will show you the opportunities and dangers to watch out for in the markets before anyone else is talking about it.”

So, as a subscriber, you get access to Dylans insights on potential market corrections and rebounds, which could help you navigate the uncertainty inherent with the market.

Which has benefited subscribers in the past.

For example, Dylan warned his readers about a stock market crash in late 2006, before the market nosedived during the 2008 financial crisis. And, unlike some “permabears,” he told his followers in early 2009 that a huge opportunity was at hand, before markets rallied.

So to sum it up, Behind The Markets is a stock advisory service that recommends smaller, potentially undervalued stocks and provides useful insights into the financial markets.

What Do You Get If You Subscribe?

The main thing you get as a subscriber of Behind The Markets is the model portfolio and the monthly issues. But you also get access to training and regular updates to keep you informed.

Behind The Markets service

Here’s an overview of what you get as a subscriber:

  • Model portfolio: The model portfolio details all of Dylan Jovine’s current recommendations within the members area, so that you know exactly what Dylan is recommending to buy, at what price and when he recommends selling. Each recommendation comes with a detailed report with an average of 30 pages, so they are very comprehensive.
  • Monthly updates: The monthly updates provide you with a detailed breakdown of what’s happening with the model portfolio, and it’s also where Dylan details his latest stock recommendations.
  • Regular updates: In addition to the monthly updates, members also receive updates via email about any changes that might affect the positions Dylan has recommended.
  • Training: On top of getting regular research reports, you also get access to training videos that show you how Dylan’s investing strategy works and how to follow his recommendations.

As an extra “cherry on top” for joining, Dylan also provides new members with a ton of great research reports at no extra cost. Each report details a stock he’s interested in and covers a broad range of topics. From biotech and 5G, to medicine and income boosting tips.

How Much Does It Cost To Join?

The cost of joining Behind The Markets is between $39 and $79. The price you pay depends on which page you join through and which membership option you select.

The main difference, however, is that the higher priced option comes with more bonus reports, while the $39 option just gives you access to the core service.

Is There a Guarantee?

Yes, Behind The Markets comes with a 30 day money back guarantee. So if you try the service and find it’s not for you, the company says it will refund you in full.

That said, there are no guarantees that the service will help you make money. That’s what it aims to do, but nobody can promise you any service will make you money.

Who Is Dylan Jovine?

Dylan Jovine
Dylan Jovine

Dylan Jovine is the CEO of Behind The Markets, LLC which is the company he founded in 2018 that publishes the Behind The Markets advisory service.

Dylan started his career in 1991, working for a Wall Street investment banker named Peter Jacquith. And before long, founded two other successful companies in the finance space.

The first company he founded was a Wall Street private equity firm called Lexington Capital Partners. Dylan started this company in 1996 and says it generated approximately $25 million in annual revenue before he sold it in 2000 to a company called Silver Lake Capital.

In 2004, Dylan started a second company called Tycoon Publishing, where he shared investment research and education in a publication called The Tycoon Report to over half a million subscribers from all over the globe.

This success attracted the attention of a (huge) financial publishing company called Agora, Inc. which acquired Tycoon Publishing in 2011.

Also worth mentioning is that his reminded me of a recent article I wrote about another popular finance guru named Chris Rowe, where I talked about Chris’ predictions for 2021.

In it, I explain how Chris says he helped found Tycoon Publishing in 2004, so he and Dylan Jovine must have worked together at some point before the company was acquired by Agora.

In any case, Dylan is now best know for his work with Behind The Markets, which is the name of the company itself and the service they provide.

And one of the things that sets him apart is that he has real-world experience as both an entrepreneur and money manager. And when you combine this with the fact he’s been writing for almost twenty years, he clearly knows his stuff.

What Is Dylan Jovine Predicting For 2021?

Dylan Jovine has been in the financial education space since 2004, and in that time he has made many predictions and recommendations about different opportunities he sees in the market.

Not all of them have paid off, but many have, and some have provided excellent returns.

For example, Dylan says he recommended American Express when it was just $14.24 per share, Starbucks when it was trading at $8, and AutoNation when it was less than $11 a share.

More recently, however, Dylan seems to be more focussed on biotech companies. And some of his recent predictions have seen returns of between 78% to 435%.

Here’s a list of some of his biotech stock recommendations:

  • ChemoCentrix – 435%
  • Krystal Biotech – 275%
  • Array Biopharma – 144%
  • Kura Oncology – 124%
  • Tesaro – 93%
  • Loxo Oncology – 78%
  • Casi Pharmaceuticals – 129%
  • Mirati Therapeutics – 99%

During a presentation on the company website, Dylan says that, as good as these are, they “don’t compare to what’s in front of us right now.” And talks about one small company that’s at the center of it all. And that only a handful of people know about it.

What is this company?

Well, to find out what Dylan is predicting, the best thing to do is join his Behind The Markets service. Because that gives you access to a special report he created titled “Across the Blood-Brain-Barrier: The Small Company Revolutionizing Alzheimer’s Disease.”

So you need to join his service if you want to find out which company he’s pitching. Which I think is fair enough considering how much research he puts into his recommendations.

Not to mention, by reading his report, you get his full analysis and research into why he’s recommending that particular company. Along with all of the other companies he recommends as part of the Behind The Markets service, which you can find in the model portfolio.

Is Behind The Markets Legit?

Behind The Markets is a legitimate service, and it’s also one of the more transparent services I’ve come across. Because unlike some services out there, Dylan doesn’t just show you the stocks he’s currently recommending, and hide the ones that haven’t worked out.

He also shows you his closed positions.

That way, you can get a better idea of the ongoing performance of his recommendations, since you get to see both the winners and losers. Which, to be clear, doesn’t automatically make it legit, but I have found that the most legitimate services do this. So it’s a good thing.

Also, the service itself is of a very high quality. You get lots of detailed insights with every recommendation, as well as training videos to help get you started.

And as I mentioned earlier, Dylan started out in 1991, which means he has roughly three decades of experience. And during that time he has helped his subscribers avoid losing money by warning of possible market corrections, and recommended many great stocks.

So Behind The Markets is definitely legit, and there’s even a money back guarantee in place which allows you to try the service for 30 days and get your money back if you’re not happy with it.

What are others saying?

I spent some time digging through online reviews of both Dylan Jovine and Behind The Markets, and I was unable to find any real “scam” complaints out there.

There’s always going to be someone who posts a negative review. Every company, product and service has that. But the reviews are overwhelmingly positive from what I could find.

Not to mention, there are lots of positive testimonials on the company site itself. Which aren’t the be all end all, because the company obviously isn’t going to show bad reviews on the sales page, but they seem fairly natural and consistent which is a good sign.

Bottom Line

Behind The Markets is an investment advisory service run by Dylan Jovine, who’s an expert investor with a proven track record of success.

The service is aimed at helping smaller, self-directed investors build a lucrative portfolio. And it does this by recommending potentially undervalued stocks, as well as by providing detailed insights into each company to help educate you on what the recommendation entails.

Overall, Behind The Markets is a great service and could be worthwhile for anyone interested in becoming a successful investor, especially for those interested in investing in mid cap companies using a more traditional value investing approach.

On the other hand, just because Dylan is an expert with a great track record, doesn’t mean you’re guaranteed to make lots of money. So, as with anything, it’s important to weigh up the risks and decide what’s right for you based on your own unique circumstances.

Either way, I hope you found my review helpful. And if you’d like to share your thoughts or experience with Behind The Markets, feel free to leave a comment below.

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