7 Figure Profit Code Review: Will ‘Mike’ Help You Get Rich?

You can be making $1k per day in less than 24 hours from right now. Simply pay the $97 fee to access 7 Figure Profit Code and the money will start pouring in!

At least, that’s what the sales video would have you believe…

Since you’re reading this review, chances are you know better than to believe ‘get rich quick’ hype like that. Well done. Here’s the real story…

7 Figure Profit Code Review

I came across 7 Figure Profit Code today and decided to take a closer look to see if it’s legit or just another scam. My first impression was that the sales page was a bit scammy.

I’ve seen this kind of thing many times before and it’s always the same deal. Promise people the world at the push of  button, deliver a low quality program.

Anyways, it was pretty obvious I was looking at another scam but I still wanted to look further to know for sure. So I started by looking into who’s running the show.

The owner of this program is Michael Grayson (AKA ‘Mike’):

Michael Grayson

I was unable to find any further information about Mike and if I’m being honest, that looks like a stock photo to me. Call me skeptical!

I also found that the domain (sevenfigureprofitcode.com) is using an anonymous registration which makes it even harder to find the truth about our friend Michael.

Anyways, whoever Mike really is, he claims to have made millions of dollars with his ‘secret system’ over the past year or so. And he needs you to help him make more money (I guess that’s true lol) so he’s giving you ‘special access’. He also says the systems real price is $5,000 but he needs ‘beta testers’ to before doing an official launch.

You need to be quick though, because only 47 spots exist within 47 cities!


Folks, when you understand how internet marketing REALLY works, and you’ve seen as much of this same crap as I have, claims like this are laughable.

I can assure you, the 359th person to view the sales video will hear the exact SAME story. If you go back to the page in a weeks time, it’ll say the same thing.

Don’t take my word for it, test this out yourself!

In any case, this is a marketing tactic called fake scarcity. And unfortunately, it works because a higher percentage of people buy on impulse when they believe there’s only limited spots available. No one wants to ‘miss out’ on something seemingly good.

What Is 7 Figure Profit Code – Your Path To Riches?

According to Mike, 7 Figure Profit Code is a system that generates $1,000 per day, or $365,000 per year, for anyone who’s lucky enough to get access to it.

It takes just 15 minutes to setup and in less than 24 hours you’ll be making profits at the push of a button. Maintaining your income only takes 20 minutes per day!

Cool story bro.

As with most scams, the actual way it works is never explained to you. You are simply told it’s some kind of ‘super secret system’ and you must risk your $97 to find out if it’s real.

If you could make $1000 per day- what’s 97 bucks right? That’s what they’re banking on!

Anyways, I also found the SAME program running under a different name “7 Figure Cash Code” and I thought this was worth mentioning…

Same System Different Name

As you can see, the second version (sevenfigurecashcode.com) uses the same testimonials and it also uses an identical logo.


Seven Figure Profit Code Logo
Seven Figure Cash Code Logo

However, the explanation given about the underlying program is a mismatch.

On one hand, 7FPC is marketed as a push button ‘get rich quick’ system and the 7FCC system is marketed as an MLM style opportunity. It says you sell a product and recruit others to sell products under you.

This kind of ‘bait and switch’ is common among scams. They use generic sales pages that can literally promote anything within the ‘make money online’ niche. This is a red flag when the stories contradict each other and the same testimonials are used across two (supposedly) different programs.

Anyways, after punching in my name and email, I spent the next 10 minutes or so watching the second video. From there, I was asked to pay $97 for this program. I then tried to exit the page, where I was shown this screen…

Reduced Price

The price supposedly dropped to $17 but when you click on the link, the cheapest option is $67. That right there, is grossly misleading and possibly even breaking consumer law.

It’s strange how this is supposedly a revolutionary system with ‘only 47 spots available’, yet they’re so desperate for a sale they need to significantly reduce the price and use such scammy tactics.

In any case, if you do decide to buy, you will actually be purchasing through a third party called ClickBetter. Which is an affiliate network that essentially facilitates the sales of products like this.

On the plus side they are good for processing refunds, on the downside, everything I’ve purchased through ClickBetter has been sketchy. They are known for selling low quality programs.

Are People Really Making Money With This?

The very first thing presented to you on the sales page, is a bunch of testimonials. Which looked a lot like paid actors to me.

The following people claim they make $1,000’s per day with this system:

Fake Testimonial Man
Fake Testimonial Woman

The woman named ‘Megan’ says the following which I thought worth noting…

wow… I’m nervous because I’ve never recored myself on video before and I just wanted to say that I’m now making $1000’s per day using this system

Funny, because they are BOTH paid actors from a site called Fiverr:

Fiverr Actor Man
Fiverr Actor Woman

This is a freelancing website that allows you to purchase different ‘gigs’ for cheap. Including fake video testimonials. Nothing against the actors themselves (I guess) but it does prove that the 7 Figure Profit Code is BS.

Why would they need to pay actors to LIE about the results they’re getting if it’s legit?

Is Your Income Guaranteed? Nope.

The sales video makes a special point of saying you will make $1k or more per day- guaranteed. Yet, when you look closely at the fine print, they reveal your chances of success are anything but ‘guaranteed’.

Income Disclaimer

What about the money he transferred into your account while you watched the video?

I’ve seen this exact claim made in other systems I’ve purchased such as 12 Day Millionaire and (surprise surprise) it’s 100% FAKE.

Fake Income Claims

If real people really are making money with this, there’s certainly no REAL proof.

Your Personal Information – Sold To The Highest Bidder!

The people behind this site plan on selling your information to other marketers:

Privacy Concerns

I mention this because, it can result in a LOT of annoying SPAM. So if you decide to buy, you should probably use a secondary email account.

By giving ‘Mike’ your name and email address, you will receive emails about addittional offers. Depending on the frequency of the emails, and the offers themselves, this isn’t necessarily a bad thing in and of itself. But what isn’t cool, is receiving tons of email SPAM from other marketers you never even gave your email to!

Which is precisely what happens when you submit your email to good old Mike. Unfortunately, this is near impossible to stop once your email is out there.

The Verdict – Is 7 Figure Profit Code a Scam?

Based on what I’ve seen, I decided not to purchase this program. Legitimate programs simply don’t use grossly exaggerated income claims, scam marketing tactics and fake testimonials like this. Period.

As good as it may sound, there’s no way you will just ‘plug in’ and start making $1000 per day. With this system or any other system for that matter.

This is simply not how real online business works.

I’ve lost a lot of money to stuff like this in the past, before I started earning a full-time income online. So I know a scam when I see one and I know what it really takes to earn money online. It takes real training, tools and support. And it takes real work and effort over a consistent period of time if you want the rewards.

Whatever you decide is up to you, but I can’t recommend this to you in good conscience.

5 thoughts on “7 Figure Profit Code Review: Will ‘Mike’ Help You Get Rich?”

  1. Just signed up for the 7FPC System TODAY. A couple of Minutes ago. Just spoke to Representative as well. Reading your Blog Post now… interesting to see where things will go next — The ‘coach’ fellow clarified that it’ll take me at least a Solid Month to have a Steady Flow…

    Meanwhile, STELLAR Research Presentation on the Program, based on Acquiring the Information Available, keep up your #PurposefulHustle in this Limited Edition #DivineComedy physical Matrix we Struggle to Thrive in ~~

    • Yeah at least one month is a more accurate timeframe than ‘make money in 24 hours’ like they say. Assuming you have the funds to buy traffic and/ or have a free traffic source already lined up, and assuming the program has real training etc. I wouldn’t be surprised if there were upsells to the tune of $1000s if you’ve got a ‘coach’ though, this is very common among ‘make money online’ offers. Be interested to see how it goes for you.

      Anyways thanks for your comment Jai, I appreciate you sharing 🙂 Cheers

    • Hey Bruce, if you want to get started with affiliate marketing, visit this page.

      I show you how to get started for free and build an online business. It’s not the quick and easy path, it does take time and effort, but this training works if you are dedicated to achieving your goals.

      Hope this helps and thanks for reaching out 🙂


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