2By2 For You Review: Why I Don’t Recommend This

Quick Overview

2By2 For You

Company: 2By2 For You

Founder: Ken Lett

Startup Cost: $20 +

Review Summary

The products hold little value and serves primarily to prop up the real agenda, a matrix style recruiting scheme. Given the nature of these schemes and the way this has been put together, it is doubtful it will provide a lasting or legitimate opportunity for people. I do not recommend this.

What Is 2By2 For You?

The company was created in 2014 by Ken Lett (AKA Doc Lett) and embraces a multi level marketing business model known as 'matrix cycling'. The idea is to pay for a spot in the matrix and get others to do the same, who then get others to do the same.

Ken is also responsible for another 4 programs that I could find:

  • Phase 4 Global
  • Freeway To Success
  • Recipes4YourSuccess
  • Iguana Biz

Phase 4 Global appears to be pretty well dead even though the website still exists. The Freeway to Success website confusingly jumbles a bunch of these companies into one offering which doesn't appear to be working very well for anyone involved. The last webinar on the Freeway To Success website was published back in January 2016 and to this day, none of these sites are attracting much interest from people.

The Products

Going through the list of products I found myself asking who on earth would want to buy or promote any of this stuff? If I only had one sentence to describe the products it would be this:

"A series of irrelevant and overall low value products clearly being used to 'legitimise' and otherwise clear cut recruting scheme."

Now I want to make it clear that I am not trying to smash this guys company. Not at all. But on the same token I call it like I see it, and in this case the products really are a blatant attempt to make this recruiting scheme appear legitimate.

For example:

Product Example


But why does this really matter? If the purpose of any system is to sign up so you can recruit others who then recruit others and you are getting paid from new members investing in matrix positions... it's a pyramid scheme. The only way these schemes can pass off as remotely legitimate is when affiliates are being paid from the sale of genuine goods or services to the public. These are NOT genuine products, they are window dressings for the real agenda which is further outlined by the very nature of the compensation plan.

The 2By2 For You Compensation Plan

Once you've filled all 6 positions you achieve what is known as a 'cycle'. This particular company uses a 2x2 matrix as illustrated below:

2x2 Matrix System

So you need 6 people under you in order to achieve 1 cycle and earn the allocated commission. In this case, there are 2 separate matrices available.

Matrix 1- Manager: This costs $20 and once you fill it up with 6 people you make $53. At this point you can re-enter the same matrix.

Matrix 2- General Manager: This costs $66 and once you fill it up with 6 people you make $192. At this point you can re-enter the same matrix.

It is worth pointing out that when this first launched in 2014 there were 4 matrix positions, so this has actually gone backwards.

Whenever you cycle you can then re-enter the matrix and pay the same $20 or $66. This means that when you pay that money a 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 30th time... you are clearly purchasing matrix positions as oppose to genuine products. You could buy 50 positions in one week and not get any additional products or benefits other than matrix positions. This is another massive red flag.

Could You Make Money With This?

Assuming the business model was legitimate for a moment, it would be a lot more successful and worth promoting if ONE business was focussed on rather than having a bunch of confusing and somewhat 'gimmicky' value propositions. For example, the "Freeway To Success" website explains the '2By2 For You' compensation plan completely differently to the 2By2 website itself and hasn't been updated since 2015.

Mixed offerings

I can safely say I would never be sending prospects to a website and system that disorganised. To make money with this is going to require driving tons of traffic to those same landing pages, the same landing pages that are highly unlikely to convert into referrals. In other words, you'd be working your ass of to send people to a page that won't convert or make you the kind of money you could be making. It really is that simple.

What I Liked

  • Not much

What I Didn't Like

  • Low quality website
  • Multiple websites created by Ken ultimately creating an elaborate mess of an offering
  • Irrelevant and low value product offerings
  • Clear cut recruiting scheme
  • Websites will not convert well which means wasted effort on your part sending prospects there
  • The training on getting traffic to build your business (absolutely essential) is not included

Final Thoughts

Matrix recruiting schemes are nothing new and unfortunately don't make people the kind of money they are hoping for, at least not in the longterm. They are a very unsustainable business model by their very construct and often collapse within a relatively short period of time. Only so many people will join a scheme like this and once recruiting slows, the whole thing comes to a grinding halt which often results in people losing whatever is tied up at the time.

Making money online is totally possible but this particular company embraces a flawed model that will not help you build a legitimate business. I do not recommend this.


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