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Tools I Use To Build And Scale My Businesses

First up, big congrats on getting this far! Well done. You are clearly committed to your success and you are a true entrepreneur. That's what it's all about.

You've followed the training and have built your website, most of you would be getting some traffic through Google at this point also. Awesome. In this training, I want to show you how to take your business to the next level and how to grow your business with the right tools.

You don't need a bunch of fancy tools to get results online, but knowing what works and what doesn't can be a huge help and bring your success to new heights.

Note: There are affiliate links in this training. As you know, it makes no difference to you, but I wanted to be upfront about this with you guys. I have personally tested each one of these products since I use them myself, so I know they are awesome and you will love them.

Premium WordPress Themes

Once upon a time, I messed around with free themes. Then I discovered they were free for a reason! Most of them are average at best in comparison to what I use these days.

Once I started to turn a steady profit online, I decided to do some research into Premium WordPress themes to see what all the fuss was about. I'm someone who does a fair bit of research when I buy something, so I went back and forth comparing for weeks.

Anyways, long story short I decided on a company called StudioPress.


These guys really are the undisputed champions of WordPress themes, and it's not hard to see why after you buy one. It's like going from a 'happy meal' to a five course meal at an exclusive restaurant, you simply cannot compare the two.

Why are they so good?

Well, I am not a 'techy' kind of guy, but there are some key reasons they stand out head and shoulders from the pack.

For starters, StudioPress uses an advanced theme structure called the Genesis Framework which sets the industry standard for website code. The code is super clean and well designed which improves your entire website's performance on multiple fronts. 

I actually discovered that Jay (our resident SEO expert inside WA) uses StudioPress, and this is what he had to say about the Eleven40 Pro theme:

The eleven40 Pro WordPress theme is by far the best one out there because it is easy to use, customize & implement on website. It doesn’t matter if you’re a blogger, affiliate or web designer, the eleven40 Pro theme is suitable for everyone and I highly recommend it- Jay Neill

The Eleven40Pro theme is the exact StudioPress theme I use on this very site. I love it. I get asked about which theme I use all the time, so there you have it! My 'secret' revealed.

Here's a few reasons I personally like StudioPress:

  • Cleaner coding means faster load times
  • More advanced security to stop hackers
  • Google loves these themes given how they are constructed
  • Beautiful designs to choose from
  • Use it on as many sites as you want
  • Highly flexible and customisable

They do make it super simple to customise your site without adding a bunch of other plugins and so forth that only slow down performance. For example, this theme allows me to add a custom widget after each blog post, so I made a quick 'about me' snippet that leads people to my 'money page'. While simple, this does increase my overall conversions.

There are currently 60 themes to choose from so it does depend on the individual theme you buy as to which options you get too, but the options to customise your site are way better than a standard free theme. Hands down.

The other thing I always look for with anything I buy for my business like this, is how dedicated their team is. Your theme is the very foundation of your entire website, so not only do you want it to look and perform awesome, you want to know the people behind it care about your business.

These guys are the real deal in my experience.

You get unlimited support with each theme and I put this to the test myself when I was customising this theme and had questions. They respond very quickly and are very helpful.

I could go on and on about why they rock, but you get the point. I'm a fan. This is what I use on my websites and I highly recommend them to anyone looking for the best themes.

Increase Your Social Traffic

Another thing I have spent a lot of time testing across my sites is social media plugins.

I am absolutely gob smacked at just how many of these social plugins fell short of what I was looking for. I am not kidding when I say I have tested just about all of the free ones.

Some looked great, but the page load time was horrible, which is a BIG deal. IN fact, many social plugins (even the very basic looking ones) will massively increase your page load time. This means less rankings (Google hates slow sites) and more people bouncing on your site. Even 1 single second can make a huge impact on your overall success.

Crazy but true.

According to fastcompany.com "one in four people abandons surfing to a website if its page takes longer than four seconds to load" and "Amazon calculated that a page load slowdown of just one second could cost it $1.6 billion in sales each year."

So, you need a website that loads quickly, often social plugins are a BIG culprit for slow sites. I learned this through trial and error.

Yet others I found, loaded quick but didn't look any good or couldn't be placed where I wanted them on my site. This went on and on. There wasn't a single plugin that just 'had it all' so to speak.

Anyways, I eventually found a plugin called Social Warfare that does everything I need it to, and more. I freaking love this plugin. I also love their tagline:

We couldn't find one social sharing plugin that met all of our needs, so we built it ourselves.​

Put simply, this social plugin is BOSS.​ It's lightning fast, massively customisable in appearance, and actually does increase my social shares. Quite significantly in fact.

You can actually integrate this with Google Analytics, which shows you first hand how much addittional traffic the plugin itself delivers on a daily basis. Not just social traffic, traffic that comes as a direct result of someone sharing your content through this plugin.

On my site I use minimal 'light grey' colours, but there are so many variations you can use, and you can have it float on the side or bottom among many other custom options.

Safe to say, I'm a big fan.

Email Marketing

It's a fact... most people that come to your website will leave, and never come back.

Email marketing gives you a chance to connect with people after the leave, again and again. Not in a spammy way, but in a way that adds value. I promise you that just about every successful internet marketer uses email marketing. For real. It is that big of a deal.

When I first got started with internet marketing I wasn't too concerned with email marketing. Everyone kept on telling me it was important, but it wasn't until I actually took that on board and started getting into email marketing that I realised it was SUPER important.

I now grow my email list to the tune of about 1000 fresh subscribers per month, and I really do keep things super simple. It works. People open my emails because I give them value and actually try to help them, so when I recommend something they buy.

If you are wondering if you should be doing email marketing, you should. Period.

My tool of choice is Aweber. It's simple and does an awesome job.


I have tried Mailchimp which was cool, but I think they are a bit 'anti-affiliate' so I switched from them, and I simply did not like Get Response. I don't know why, but for the love of goodness I found their interface super freaking annoying.

But these are all great tools and there are other options out there. I just found Aweber to have very good delivery rates, customer service and I love the entire way their platform is designed. It really is an awesome tool, and one many in this space prefer.​

Aweber also created an awesome getting started with email marketing guide you may find useful. It's free and it's genuinely good content so you will learn something here.


There you have it! The super secret ninja tools I use to increase the results online.

You don't need all of this stuff and if you are not yet making money with your sites, I recommend holding off purchasing any of these products until you are. Trust me, creating an income online is not about the tools you use, it's about learning what works (like inside WA) and going full force into taking action. Consistently.

But if do decide it's time to boost your results and want some great tools to help you do this, these are great options and ones I strongly recommend.

Sneak Peek: 180 Day Member Bonus

"Getting Started With Facebook Marketing"

Do you want more traffic? Yep. I am yet to meet an internet marketer that said no to this!

If you are looking for addittional ways to get traffic to your site and affiliate offers, then Facebook is the place. Not only is this an incredibly powerful medium on it's own, but it integrates seamlessly with your website. I will show you how to gain incredible insights into your existing website audience through Facebook, and how to promote to your audience while they are on Facebook.

This is seriously powerful stuff guys and there is a lot of value in this training. You are going to love it and it will help you a lot moving forward.

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  1. I took me a long time to get in reading my 180 bonus, but I am no where close to using this, all these tools yet,
    however, the information are quite educational for me, I will need them in the future. I do have Aweber, but I am paying $19 + a month, I have to cancel it and ask for the free one..

    Thanks for the informations.

    • That’s totally okay, it’s better to focus on core objectives like keyword research and content above all else anyway. This is what leads to results and once you are making money, then consider branching out into stuff like FB.

  2. It is truly incredible how these bonus pieces of training fit the exact place I am at with my website. They are extremely helpful. I am currently trying to figure out the email marketing end of things and this helps so much.

    Thank You, Tim.

  3. Tim,
    Thank you for the information. I am dreading social media and doing my own e-mail marketing could be a nightmare. So, thank you for this information. I’m sure I will be tapping into this information soon.
    Barb Nelson

    • My pleasure Barb. Yeah these things can be a bit daunting at first, especially social media, but like anything you will get there. To be honest far more important is your site anyways, so as long as you’re moving forward on that front, you have a bright future ahead with respects your business.

  4. Thanks Tim,
    Good timing as usual. I have recently been thinking of a way to dress-up my site and have been considering StudioPress. Glad for the confirmation.


    • Glad you found this bonus helpful Jim.

      Yeah I think you will love StudioPress, this is what I run on all my sites as they are just better coded.

      Thanks for commenting and talk soon.


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