15 Day Premium Bonus- Taking FULL Advantage of the Awesome Wealthy Affiliate Community!


When you're first getting starting at WA, it's easy to feel overwhelmed. Everything is so new and there's lots of stuff to learn.

I was a newbie myself at one point, so I totally understand.

Anyways, as a result, you will naturally have LOTS of questions as you progress through the training and build out your business. Just as I did.

And this is a good thing!

I want you to ask as many questions as possible. Because this will allow you to reach (and exceed) your goals at a much higher rate.

Now that you're a Premium member of Wealthy Affiliate- you have exclusive access to the most ELITE community of expert affiliate marketers on the planet!

Which means you now have the rare opportunity to leverage the WA platform to your FULL advantage, and create a highly profitable online business in the process.

So in this bonus training, I'm going to show you exactly how to leverage WA to get all the coaching, mentoring and support you will ever need to build a thriving online business.

Ready? OK. Let's dive in...

The Help Center -  Your 'Go To' For Help Within WA

The first thing I want to bring to your attention, is that the 'Help Center' is the simplest way to get help for most of your questions.

All within ONE single tab...

This makes things nice and simple.

Here's an overview of what you can do within the Help Center tab:

  • Get technical website support
  • Ask the community a question
  • Access Live Chat
  • Send anyone (including Kyle and Carson) a private message
  • Contact me personally for one on one support and coaching

So this ONE tab is all you will need most of the time.

But the following tutorial will still be of great benefit to you. Because I am about to go into detail about each type of help. As in, what it is, how you can use it, and when you should use it.

Some options are better than others, so depending on what question you have you will want to use a specific help channel.

I'll also show you the various other ways you can access these specific types of help beyond just the Help Center, which will lead to more efficiency.

7 Ways To Get Expert Help Within WA!

Before I get stuck into the meat of this, I really want to stress that the only 'dumb question' is the one you don't ask! So PLEASE ask as many questions as possible.

Do not hesitate to ask questions.

You are a Premium member of Wealthy Affiliate now. So you are not alone and you will never be stuck, because any question you have can be answered. By someone.

Trust me, if you haven't asked it, someone else has or will. And I've asked my fair share of 'dumb questions' over the years (lol) I can assure you. Safe to say I'm glad I did!

Anyways, this is all a learning experience so you can't expect to know everything right out of the gate. We ALL started somewhere!

With that being said, here are 7 ways to make FULL use of the WA support system...

Important: Please follow the training and leverage the following support methods, before asking me questions on a daily basis. I am happy to help you, but I am just one guy. So I do ask that you please respect my time by going through the training and taking advantage of the following methods of getting help- BEFORE contacting me personally about every question you have. I work with a lot of people, so this is the only way I can continue helping you guys and still have enough time to run my own business.

1) Check Out The Knowledge Base

Chances are if you have a question, someone else has already asked this EXACT question, or something very similar, before you.

And since this is WA, there's just as good a chance someone within the community has answered it for them. So this is a good way to quickly check if someone has asked a question currently have, so you can get a quick answer without posting anything yourself.

Step 1: Scroll to the top of the screen within any page of Wealthy Affiliate.

Step 2: Start typing your question into the box. Try to be as specific as possible.

Step 3: Search through the trainings, member questions and blogs to see if the answer to your question comes up!

Step 4: If not, try different variations of the same question if you can't find your answer. And if this doesn't work, move onto to the next method.

2) Ask The Community a Question

This flows on naturally from the last method. Because if you can't find an answer that way, you there is an option at the bottom of that same popup window, that allows you to post your question to the community...

This is a great option if you want to ask multiple people for their help on something you are unsure of. Depending on the time of day and other factors, you can end up getting dozens of replies to a question within minutes using this approach.

Step 1: Click on the very top bar and start typing in your question, as you did earlier. And if you cannot find any good answers, scroll down to the bottom of that same popup window, and you will see the above box.

Step 2: Type in the headline of your question so people know what your question is about, and under that, type in the actual question itself.

Step 3: Select the 'classroom' your question relates to. In the above example, my question related to 'authoring and writing content' so that's what I chose. In most cases the selection will be obvious, but if it's not, just post it under whatever you think is reasonable. It's not that big of a deal.

Step 4: Hit 'ask your question' and it will be posted. From here, you will get responses to your question. In most cases, within minutes of posting.

That's all there is to it.

3) Jump Into Live Chat

This is a great way to ask short and simple questions, and for many folks, it's also a good way to network with others in the community.

The great part about this is that your questions are normally answered within seconds! The drawback is the responses are generally not as detailed, given the 'chat' style environment.

So I recommend using this for simple questions you need quick answers to, or to connect with your fellow WA members.

In any case, there are THREE ways you can jump into live chat:

  1. Click on 'Help Center' which will open a popup window, then click on 'Live Chat'
  2. Click on Live Chat directly within the left hand menu
  3. Navigate to the right of your screen and start typing!

4) Post a Question After ANY Training

This is a very good way to get specific help with something relating to the training. Maybe you've been through the lesson but there's just something that didn't quite make sense.

This is perfect for that.

Step 1: Get yourself into the training by clicking on the 'Training' tab to the left of your screen. It doesn't matter which training, or how you get there. Just so long as you are within a given lesson.

Step 2: Scroll down to the bottom of the training where it says 'join the discussion'.

Step 3: Click on 'write something' and follow the prompts to ask your question.

That's it!

Note: The questions posted this way are posted on a 'level by level' basis. For example, if you post a question within 'lesson 3' of 'Level 1' of the Online Entrepreneur Certification course, your question will be seen by everyone going through 'Level 1' of this same course, regardless of what specific lesson they are on. I just wanted to clarify this because it can sometimes lead to confusion. In any case, this setup is good because it gets your question more exposure, which means quicker and better answers.

I like this method because it's very specific to the individual training and it is generally very active so getting an answer is timely and accurate.

5) Send Any Member a Private Message

You can contact ANY member within Wealthy Affiliate via private message. Including myself, Kyle and Carson, or any member you would like to ask for help.

Now I do NOT recommend messaging random people though LOL.

Please do not do this.

However, if you have already engaged with someone within WA at some point, and found it to be a useful conversation, or otherwise have a legitimate reason, you can contact the person privately.

Use your own discretion here when messaging people for the first time.

But you can use this to contact people that you feel might help you. Or if something you want to discuss with another member is of a more private nature. For example, it's specific to your website and you do not want to post the details in the more 'public' ways.

There are three main ways you can send a private message:

  1. Click on the 'Help Center' and then click on 'private message'
  2. Click on the message icon at the top right of your screen
  3. Navigate to ANY members profile page, and click on 'private message' at the top

Whichever path you use to get there, it doesn't matter. You will get the same box appear and the steps for sending your private message are virtually the same.

Step 1: Click on the green 'plus' icon up the top left, if you need to. This depends on the method you used to get to this point, so you may not need to do this step.

Step 2: Enter the recipients username. Again, depending on how you got to this point, you may not need to do this step either.

Step 3: Enter the title and body of your message, and click on 'send private message'.

You can use this to contact anyone within Wealthy Affiliate. There are some extra steps involved in contacting Kyle or Carson, since they are the founds of WA and extremely busy, but it's not hard. Just follow the prompts and you'll be find it's very simple!

6) Contact Site Support

If you are having any kind of issues with your actual website, then this is the way to go.

I absolutely love WA's SiteSupport, because these guys are not only super helpful, but they are SUPER quick! I mean, they respond within 3 minutes or less most of the time.

This is unheard of within the website tech support industry.

This is for any issues or concerns you have with the technical side of your website, domain, hosting, plugins, log in issues etc. as oppose to marketing or account related enquiries.

Step 1: Click on the 'Help Center' tab in the left hand side menu, and then click on the 'Site Support' tab. OR you can click on 'Websites' in the left hand side menu, and click on SiteSupport that way. Either way is fine.

Step 2: Once inside the Site Support screen, click on 'yes' the issue is related to your site (if it is), select your domain from the list, then select the problem you are facing.

Step 3: Type in the title and body of your question and hit 'ask question'.

That's it. Support will get back to you very quickly and in most cases will have your issue resolved within minutes.

7) Connect With Me Privately For Coaching and Support

There are numerous ways you can contact me personally, for personal support and coaching with your business.

This will be especially helpful if you are wanting my personal insight into your business, or if you have any questions you are unable to find within the WA community.

So if you want some feedback on how you are progressing, if you want to run some ideas past me, if you want advice on which direction to take. Anything that you think a more personal conversation with me, will be of benefit to you.

I am here to help you in any way I can. And I reply to ALL of my referrals, in most cases every single day.

So while I do ask that you please leverage the previous methods first (especially 1-4) for the more obvious questions, I am very much interested in helping you succeed. So don't be shy!

Even if you just want to say hello, that's ok too!

You can use the same process to send me a 'private message' as I outlined earlier (in method 5) or you can just reply to any of the messages I have already sent you.

You can also click on the 'Help Center' tab and click on my profile picture, under where it says 'Premium Coach'...

Kyle, Carson and myself are your Premium Coaches. So you can contact any of us for private, one on one, support and coaching.

If you get stuck trying to contact me at any point, simply head to my profile page (https://my.wealthyaffiliate.com/timmckinlay) and click on 'private message'...

From there, just follow the prompts and send me your message. I will get back to you (in most cases) within 24 hours or less!

Bonus Summary

You are on an exciting new journey, so you will have questions along the way.

The good news is, with the WA community behind you, and me personally, you will NEVER be stuck or alone in your journey to create a thriving business.

You have everything you need. So take FULL advantage of the wealth of support and use this amazing resource to your advantage!

I am personally looking forward to working with you in the coming days, weeks and months ahead. So you can reach out to me at ANY time. I will be more than happy to answer any questions you have and help get your business rolling!

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But I want to turn things up a notch!

So in the next bonus, I'm going to show you how you can earn your very first $50 online, by following a proven step-by-step process. I know from experience that earning your very first dollar online is an exciting and pivotal moment in your journey, so I'm super excited to be sharing this with you! Keep an eye out for this bonus, you're going to love it.