Congratulations on becoming a Wealthy Affiliate Premium member!

Tim McKinlay

Tim McKinlay

You have made an excellent decision, and I'm really excited for you! 

You now have access to the best and most comprehensive training, tools and support for building a successful business on the planet.

All you need to do is go through the training and take action on what you learn.  As a result, your success is inevitable.

And to help you achieve even better results, and to ensure you get the most out of your Premium membership, I've also put together some special bonuses for you.

I created these bonuses exclusively for you, since you are my referral. 

What does that mean? Well, somewhere along the road you joined WA through my affiliate link, and upgraded to Premium. So I am now your Premium Coach within Wealthy Affiliate. 

This means you can reach out to me at any time if you have questions, want to bounce ideas off me, need some guidance, want some feedback... or even if you just want to say hi!


I am here for you, so you can reach out to me at any time.

Anyways, these bonuses are exclusively for you guys. I don't share this stuff anywhere else, online or offline, and I've jam packed it with high value, actionable content. So you are going to get a lot of value out of this.

I started out as a complete newbie in WA in 2015. So I know what it's like to be where you are now. And I've also achieved some incredible things since then.

Such as going 'full time' with my online business and attending the all expenses paid, Super Affiliate conference in Las Vegas. Where I was able to personally meet Kyle and Carson, along with a bunch of other cool people.

So I know the struggles, and I also know what it takes to succeed. Which means I am uniquely positioned to help YOU reach your goals!

I've worked with lots of people within WA over the past few years, many of which have gone on to build very successful businesses. My personal mission is to ensure you are successful too! I cannot build your business for you, but I will do my very best to make your success a reality.

Sound good? Awesome!

Here's an overview of your Premium bonuses so you know what to expect going forward..

Overview of Your Exclusive Premium Bonuses!


You will be receiving 8 exclusive bonuses in total!

Today you are going to be getting access to the very first 'Welcome Bonus'. In this bonus, I'm going to be walking you through the process of choosing a profitable niche, which is one of the most important things you need to do at this point.

It's important to understand that this doesn't take the place of the core training, which covers choosing a niche in detail. But it will give you some additional, and worthwhile, insight into choosing a niche. It will also help you avoid some of the common mistakes I see people making in this area.

And there are 7 additional bonuses yet to come!

I'll be sending you a new bonus in a couple of weeks, and then another bonus once you've been a Premium member for a full 30 days. From there on in, you will receive a new bonus each month that you remain a Premium member!

Here's a quick overview of how your bonuses will roll out...

  • Bonus #1 - Immediate welcome bonus (access on the next page!)
  • Bonus #2 - Unlocked once you've been a Premium member for 15 days 
  • Bonus #3 - Unlocked once you've been a Premium member for 30 days
  • Bonus #4 - Unlocked once you've been a Premium member for 60 days
  • Bonus #5 - Unlocked once you've been a Premium member for 90 days
  • Bonus #6 - Unlocked once you've been a Premium member for 120 days
  • Bonus #7 - Unlocked once you've been a Premium member for 150 days
  • Bonus #8 - Unlocked once you've been a Premium member for 180 days

So keep an eye on your WA inbox (top right of your screen in WA). Because this is where I will be sending your bonuses!

OK. Now that we have that sorted, here is your very first welcome bonus: